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Hey there! Just a heads-up: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment at The Studio Hair Design, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance. This little favor on your part helps us keep things running smoothly and allows us to open up your spot to someone else who might be eagerly waiting for an appointment.

To avoid any cancellation fees, please give us a quick call or message at least 48 hours before your scheduled time. If you cancel after this window, we'll have to charge for the full services you booked.

We're all about supporting our amazing stylists, who earn their livelihood through the services they provide. This 48-hour heads-up is a way we can ensure they and our small business stay happy and healthy. That way, we can keep delivering the best services to you and all our awesome clients. Thanks for understanding and helping us make everyone's day a little brighter!


To book an appointment at The Studio Hair Design, a credit card is needed for reservation.

A reminder via email and text will be dispatched 4 days before your scheduled appointment. Please confirm your appointment by following the link provided in the message. Should you wish to modify or cancel your appointment, you can do so by using the link in your confirmation text or email, by reaching out to us at, or by calling (914) 873-0222.


To respect your stylist's time at The Studio Hair Design, we kindly request that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment.

If you arrive late, it may lead to a reduced duration of your service. While we'll make every effort to provide the service in the remaining time, late arrivals are still responsible for the full cost of the service originally booked.


Please come with your hair already dry.


Avoid using any root touch-up sprays or powders before your appointment. Presence of these products in your hair may affect our ability to ensure complete coverage for root touch-ups.


The Services/Pricing page displays the initial prices for each service offered at The Studio Hair Design.


Please note that our pricing for color services may vary depending on the hair volume, the quantity of product used, and the time required.


We mix a standard amount of color or lightener for every client. In cases where more color is needed, an additional charge will be applied for extra bowls of color to cover the cost of the additional product.

Our pricing structure is tiered based on the stylist's experience and expertise, ranging from Junior Stylist, to Stylist, to Senior Stylist.


At The Studio Hair Design, we do not provide refunds for any services. However, if you are dissatisfied with your service, we encourage you to contact The Studio Hair Design within one week of your appointment to address your concerns.

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